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Shift New Mexico is the premier source of hand raised medical cannabis in the Land of Enchantment. What does that mean? With over 20 diverse plant varietals in rotation and an uncompromising focus on quality, from seed to sale Shift New Mexico’s medicinal cannabis is completely processed by hand. We do not incorporate synthetic pesticides or fungicides and every plant is hand watered and flushed with clean cold water at the end of the growth cycle, then conscientiously harvested and always hand trimmed. Compassion, community, and clean medicine, these are the virtues that guide Shift New Mexico’s expert staff to deliver Santa Fe and all surrounding communities a deluxe and efficacious therapeutic alternative to traditional western medicine and our competitors. Together, we are taking New Mexico to new heights as a trailblazer in the medical cannabis community.

Community minded from sand to sky and seed to sale.

Shift New Mexico and cannabis combine to create a lifestyle rooted in conscious patient care and superior quality medical cannabis.

What We Stand For


Shift New Mexico provides only the highest quality medical cannabis, medical cannabis infused products, and cannabis durable medical accessories in a welcoming, sanitary, and secure environment that welcomes patients to be expressive, positive, and conversational about treating their condition and ailments with medical cannabis.



24 Bisbee Court, Santa Fe, NM 87508

Monday - Saturday – 9:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday – CLOSED

We accept Cash, and Debit.




At Shift New Mexico we take the stance that medical cannabis has demonstrated immense power in treating a number of diseases, debilitating conditions, and their associated side effects. We believe that medical cannabis empowers each patient’s mind, body, and spirit to overcome the challenges of living with a chronic illness or condition. Our holistic approach to healthcare guides our dedication to providing access to qualifying patients with superior quality medicine. Medical cannabis is the conduit for a renewed, refined, and regulated commitment to holistic healthcare. Shift New Mexico simply connects the virtues of wellness and therapy with qualifying patients. Together, we feel that medical cannabis and patient focused care are the cornerstones of obtaining positive patient and community outcomes.

We accept Cash, and Debit.

24 Bisbee CT, Santa FE, NM 87508